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Reversing Diabetes Starter Pack

Symptoms Getting Worse?

Tired of taking pills and injections everyday?

Then stop treating your diabetic symptoms and start treating your diabetes today with Dr. Thaddeus Gala's Reversing Diabetes Starter Pack.

In this 4-week at-home program, you can feel great, lose weight and be on the road to reducing or eliminating your diabetic medications FOREVER! Additionally you may also see:

  • Improved vision
  • Improved kidney function
  • Increased sex drive
  • Reduction in arthritis and chronic pain
  • Reduced sleep apnea and CPAP reliance
  • Reduced heart disease risk
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"hs-CRP inflammation level has dropped from 7.64 to 1.59. Foot pain and vision have improved nearly 100%! A1C dropped from 6.9 on insulin and oral diabetic medications to 5.7 without any medications!”

Ollie M. Eugene, OR

Reversing Diabetes Starter Pack: What's Inside

This program is a 28-day program that is served primarily online (through email and on the website). It consists of 4 weekly lessons that focus on one area of Diabetes reversal. Each lesson builds on the previous so we will start slow and gradually increase as the week's progress.

The Protein Formula

In this week Dr. Gala will explain the single largest contributor to regaining your health - lean protein. We'll cover 9 reasons why this is important as well as what type and how much to eat.


In this week Dr. Gala will explain how to fast-track your recovery with inflammation reducing vegetables. We'll also give you the inside track on which veggies can actually make you sicker.


Supplements are not only crucial for reducing inflammation but will also help your body heal faster that just nutrition alone. We'll cover the 5-keys to reversing diabetes with supplements.


In this week Dr. Gala talks exercise. Don't be alarmed - you won't have to be a gym dweller. We've got recommendations of what kind and how much you really need. It's not as bad as you think.

The Reversing Diabetes Starter Pack Also Includes:

"Lost 28lbs in two months. Already cut medications in half and blood sugars have dropped to below 120. Energy level and golf game has improved quite a bit!"

Wayne T., OR
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