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Here is what a few of our clients have had to say.

Ken Aebi has been in health care for 40 years! Hear what he has to say.

NBC investigators reviewed Dr. Gala’s approach. Here’s what they found:

0 Diabetic medications and Clinically non-diabetic.

4 medications & 47lbs in 10 Weeks



“After following Dr. Gala’s advice, in two months, my prescribing medical doctor took me off ALL Diabetic, cholesterol and blood pressure medications and blood sugar has dropped from 170 to 115!” Robert H. Eagle Point, OR

“In two weeks have lost 11lbs and 7 inches in the waist. First time Blood sugar has been under 120 in 2 years and off all insulin!” Martha V Medford, OR

“Have lost 40lbs in 4 months from 230lb to 190lb.” Larry D. Eugene, OR

“Keep doing what you are doing as the changes are phenomenal!” Primary Care Physician statement regarding health and lab changes. Susan D. Medford, OR

“Have lost 16lbs in 1 month. Off all Metformin and Statin cholesterol medications! No more mental fog and energy has increased dramatically!” Douglas D. Eugene, OR

“Reduced 28lbs in 28days! Blood sugar down from 385 to 125!” Richard H. Medford, OR

“Have tried other meal plans and programs and this one revolutionized everything! So easy to follow and see results!” Carol H. Central Point, OR

“Inflammation level has dropped from 7.64 to 1.59. Foot pain and vision have improved nearly 100%! A1C dropped from 6.9 on insulin and oral diabetic medications to 5.7 without any medications!” Ollie M. Eugene, OR

“Off all diabetic medications and Metformin and blood sugars are under 120!” Ross P. Springfield, OR

“Lost 14lbs in 14 days. 18month long chronic foot infection completely resolved in 2 weeks!” Philip Z. Eugene, OR


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