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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) that we typically get here at If you have questions that aren’t addressed below, please make sure you contact us here.


Q. How does this work?
A. Dr. Gala and the team at My Diabetic Solution have put together some of most powerful and simple steps you can integrate seamlessly in your everyday life. Each simple step helps not only reduce your inflammation but give your body what it needs to heal and reverse disease including diabetes, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, heart disease, Alzheimers and Cancers.
Q. When should I see results?
A. One day to 8 months. Most people that follow instructions completely see dramatic results either in medication reduction, weight loss, improved sex drive/energy, reduced neruopthay, etc starting in 2-6wks with a progressive improvement.
Q. Reverse Diabetes: What is the Easiest and Fastest Route?
A. STICK TO THE MEAL PLAN OUTLINED BY YOUR COACH! Even if you do not understand everything behind the “Why” we recommend what we do, following the meals will get you to the finish line. This will get the fastest results. Then, as you work with your coach and understand the “Why” you can begin to experiment. That is one of your biggest resources for recovery and in avoiding a slow progress and birdwalk on your path towards health.
Q. Does this work for Type I and Type II Diabetes?
A. Typically both Type I, II and even I.5 have been shown to respond favorably to the same recommendations outlined by My Diabetic Solution.
Q. What will my doctor say?
A. That depends entirely on your doctor and your relationship with him/her. Some physicians are supportive while others are severely skeptical. We have had many physicians praise our program and even call it phenomenal. Keep in mind, most medical physicians have 1-20 hours total in a 5,000+hr medical degree program dedicated to nutrition. In summary, most physicians do not understand the power of this type of information as their tool kit involves drugs and surgery training.
Q. Why not just use medications to manage my disease?
A. All medications have side effects. (Insert stat here). Therefore, the sooner you can get off drugs the better. Many of our clients have either lost loved ones to medications or have experienced serious side effects themselves.
Q. Why is Metformin bad? I heard it has a black box warning.
A. To start, about half of people prescribed Metformin have to be switched to a different drug do to the immediate intestinal problems. Metformin has been linked to a host of side effects including death from fatal lactic acidosis .  Keep in mind, the longer on the drug, the higher the risk. Moreover, if taking a concurrent blood pressure or cholesterol drug with Metformin, this increases the risk even higher.
Q. How can I share my success!?
A. Great question! We always encourage sharing as it provides hope, enthusiasm and motivation for others. Please email us any pictures, videos or written stories you would like to share, and Congrats on your success! Occasionally, we have contests and prizes for people willing to share their success so stay tuned!
Q. It is difficult to exercise or cook do to pain. Help!?
A. Arthritis, fibromyalgia, “Bone on Bone” knee pain, degenerative spinal discs, “Bone Spurs” and other painful symptoms all have the same underlying cause: Inflammation. As the meal plan is followed inflammation will decrease. Typically, clients begin to experience a decrease in chronic pain with this decreased inflammation. This makes exercise possible and more enjoyable. Always consult with your primary care physician when beginning a new exercise program. Health coaches can help you plan out an exercise program that is right for you.
Q. How low is too low for fasting blood sugar?
A. Keeping in mind, while we can discuss ranges to dialogue with your PCP aoubt, we can not instruct you to stop or start taking medications. Different resources state different ranges. Based on our research and clinical experience we like the following: Below 80 is too low and over 140 is too high.
Q. I heard a disease common in diabetics, what is hemochromatosis?
A. Too much iron in the blood, it can be fatal; it is more common in men than women. The most common mainstream remedy is good ol fashioned modern day bloodletting. This is typically done at established time periods, weekly, monthly, etc. Dr. Gala published a study which demonstrated complete reversal of hemochromatosis and a patient of his was able to return to normal ferritin levels. The patient continues to have normal levels 8 years later as he continues to follow the teachings he has learned.
Q. How can I talk to people that have graduated from MDS and reversed their disease?
A. Facebook and blog feeds are the best way to interact. On occasion we have past clients that agree to share their story, however, due to the sheer volume of calls and communication, this is more than a full time job. Look for postings in our social media sites.


Q. I’m having difficulty finding affordable fish (cod, red snapper, salmon, etc)
A. Check for sales and stock up. Check Costco for fish, shrimp, etc. as well as
Q. When can I eat bread, beverages, drinks and other recipes not in the daily meal plans?
A. Only as meal plan indicates. The meal plans are carefully selected to help reduce weight,diabetic medications and therefore needs to be followed carefully. It is ok to go back and enjoy previous recipes; however, do not go forward.
Q. What do I drink?
A. As many people want replacements for their coffee, teas, sodas, dairy, soy and almond milk, there many options included in the meal plans. Short answer: Water. There are many options included in the meal plans that both children and adults like both at home and when at restaurants.
Q. I’m having trouble with the mayonnaise recipe- help!?
A. Best solution is to make sure eggs and oil are at room temperature.
Q. What if I forget to take my custom supplements at the specific time my coach recommended?
A. Discuss with your coach about the best method for getting a good system. Timing is important so the pancreas can prepare and heal properly. Once through the first few months, timing is not as crucial.
Q. Is Tabasco and other hot sauces OK?
A. Check the label. It can be high in salt. Regular use is not recommended. Lemon, lime, salsa or pico de gallo are better options. Discuss with your coach about the many different options to keep food flavorful and alternatives so you don’t have to feel like you are giving up your favorite spices!

The information on this website is not intended to replace your physician and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended for educational purposes. Dr. Thaddeus Gala encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and talk to your health care provider before making lifestyle changes.