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Still Eating Dairy Products? Why You Should Stop.

Written by Melonie Jorgenson, Lead Health Coach and Wellness Program Director As Dr. Gala states in his book The Secret to Defy Disease and Decay, nearly every day more research sheds light on the harmful health consequences of da... Read full article »

Is Your Environment Helping You Succeed?

Question for you – Are you at your goal weight? Do you have all the energy you want? Are you off all your medications? Do you see yourself healthier now than you did 10 years ago? I was recently reading a great book by Marsh... Read full article »

Why You Should Question Your Protein Sources.

Written By Melonie Jorgensen, Health Coach and Wellness Program Director Protein is an important part of your diet because it raises your metabolism, reduces cravings, and leaves you feeling satisfied while helping you to achieve ... Read full article »

Success – What Are You Doing To Move The Needle?

I often get asked how to make progress towards success. A tactic I use with all of our patients and clients is to find a way to integrate healthy habits. The two healthy habits I combine are working out while listening to podcasts... Read full article »


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