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Learning Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – Here’s How To Make It Easy.

I’m passionate about learning, and find that I enjoy helping others discover how learning can be easy. The more information becomes digitized, the lower attendance is at local libraries. A lot of people think that learning is pa... Read full article »

1 Easy Step to Increase Success

I want to talk with you about why setting goals in the traditional sense doesn’t work. While talking with a client, she said her most important goal was to have more energy. In her answer to the question why, we discovered that ... Read full article »

Avoid the Regret of Not Doing

A colleague and I were recently talking about regret. Most people have regrets over what they didn’t do, rather than what they did do. It seems so common to have regrets, or to wish you had done something differently, but we wer... Read full article »

CoQ10 The Easy Way to Feel Younger


We all want to feel younger, and most of us would rather not have to work to hard to achieve it. While CoQ10 is not the ‘fountain of youth’, it can help you to  retain your vitality and health for longer. Why? As we g... Read full article »


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