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Reverse Diabetes In One Hour

Reverse Diabetes

Posted by: Dr. Thaddeus Gala

Of course, at first glance this topic is clearly not realistic. We hear health claims or how to reverse diabetes throughout the internet and in different “get healthy quick” media coverage of the newest miracle jungle berry or medication breakthrough that will solve all our problems. However, we know true nutritonal health is a lifestyle that comes from two things. These two items, in addition to low glycemic index and load foods, are paramount in achieving your health goals including working to reverse diabetes and other chronic issues.

1. You must remove inflammatory foods.
2. You must increase anti-inflammatory foods.

Sounds simple enough. So, how long does it take to get healthy and reverse diabetes if you follow those steps? An hour, a day, a month or year? None of these are correct. It takes literally a moment in time to get healthy and, conversely, it only takes a few seconds to get sick. How can this be?

As humans we make nutritional decisions in a fraction of a second. Think, how long did it take you to decide what you were going to eat. You may have already made up your mind and be on autopilot without even realizing it.

Being sick is easy to achieve and can be seen by the growing number of chronic illness cases in the United States and why myself and many other researchers agree if we do not make drastic changes, we will see nearly 2/3’s of the population suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2025. Conversely, if being healthy was easy, everyone would be doing it. To get healthy it takes a mindset of embracing positive daily actions as well as creating new habits in what we call “micro moments” throughout the day.

Think, how long does it take you to decide what to eat, seconds, minutes? As our health today is a summation of all our previous daily choices of yesterday, every action from here on out will determine your health for the res of your tomorrows.

Will you choose anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory foods? With each choice in each micro moment you have the ability to dictate if your body express disease or health. As changing habits can be difficult, focus on the small wins you do well each day rather than mentally beating yourself up for what you did not do well.

For instance, once you make the decision to eat one bowel of cereal, Cheerios for instance, you need to eat 20 salads later in the day to balance out the inflammation contained in grain and seed products. Add a tablespoon of soybean oil based dressing to your salad and you now need over 250 salads to reverse the inflammation in soybean oil.

So, we know an hour to reverse diabetes is an absurd claim. In reality, how long does it take to reverse diabetes? Seconds…


Dr. Thaddeus Gala is the Founder and Medical Director of both My Diabetic Solution and Complete Care in Southern Oregon. He trains other physicians on the leading research for chronic disease and endocrine disease reversal. He is on zero medications and is a marathon and ironman triathlete finisher.

2 thoughts on “Reverse Diabetes In One Hour

  1. paul chierichetti

    My CRP is less than .5 Does this mean that my body is not getting inflamed from what I’m eating?

    1. Dr. Thaddeus Gala Post author

      Hi Paul,
      Great question and a common one.

      First, we need to understand the difference between CRP and hs-CRP. A CRP of .5 is actually equivalent to hs-CRP of 5.0, which is the highest range of inflammation. The ideal hs-CRP is <.1. I personally have only had a hs-CRP >.1 one time. It was about .6 and was when I was sick from traveling overseas.

      With that said, there are many items that artificially reduce hs-CRP including many medications. Unfortunately, this gives us the false sense of everything being okay, when in reality its like using a muzzle to quite a barking dog while continuing to step on its tail. While there are many that do this, few of these dangerous medications include Aspirin, Statins and NSAIDS. Additionally, there are other inflammatory markers that are important which do no show up with a hs-CRP test. hs-CRP is one of the best tests we have as it is relatively affordable and common at most labs, but it is not the only test for inflammation.

      Many foods turn on genes that lead to a localized inflammation in the pancreas, liver, heart, etc that will not show up with a hs-CRP test.

      Keep in mind:
      If your hs-CRP is high that suggests you have high inflammation.
      If your hs-CRP is low, while that is a good sign, that does not mean you do not have other inflammatory issues going on below the surface driving the chronic disease process.

      Bottom line: It is always a good idea to pursue an anti-inflammatory lifestyle including choosing as many known anti-inflammatory foods as possible.

      Let us know any other questions,
      Dr. Gala

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