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Which supplements for diabetes should I be taking?

Posted by: Dr. Thaddeus Gala

I’ll try to make this complicated topic as simple as possible with a few key points. It is a question I get asked regularly by my patients and clients in our coaching programs.

For the general population or someone medication free I typically recommend quite a bit of different supplements. If you are dealing with either medications, chronic disease, low energy, diabetes or another ailment, I suggest a more effective approach being one of natural inflammation reduction.

This involves taking a baseline of supplements in addition to those specific for reversing disease and inflammation faster than with diet alone. Keep in mind, supplements are just that… they are to supplement a healthy diet. But, like a dirty algae filled swimming pool, your body is out of chemical balance when on medications and takes more work to get into balance.

Think of it in stages:
1. Disease: This is the stage if you are on any medications or have any symptoms longer than 2 weeks.
2. Recovery: This is the stage when transitioning from medication and disease to balance.
3. Balance: This is the stage after transitioning and you are maintaining a disease free state and free of medications.

Again, think of the swimming pool filled with algae- it takes a lot of work to get it into balance but once clean again, it takes much less effort to keep it that way. And, just like that dirty pool, in the Disease stage more help is needed and later in the Balance stage your health can typically be maintained with proper nutrition and minimal supplements. Of course, if you start eating inflammatory foods again, your body will revert to the Disease process and it will take more effort to get well again.

“It’s Easier To Stay Well Than To Get Well!”

There is quite a bit of truth in that statement. However, with the right support, we know the body can do amazing things and reverse a tremendous amount of lifelong damage.

4 Medications Eliminated in 10weeks.

So, what are the right supplements for diabetes reversal? The following is not a replacement for your physicians advice and support. Rather, suggestions for a good starting baseline based on research and our own success with our clients in completely reducing or reversing their diabetes as well as helping with medication elimination.
Supplements For Reversing Diabetes:
1. Disease: Vit-D, Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamin, Chromium, Cinnamon, Ginger & Tumeric Supplement, Antioxidant, Probiotic, Fiber. There may be others based on individual needs, but this is usually a good place to start. Additionally, the correct dosages are important.
2. Recovery: Vit- D, Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamin, Chromium
3. Balance: Vit-D, Fish Oil, Multi-Vitamin

At all times, natural spices including ginger, garlic, turmeric, mustard, rosemary, basil, cilantro are great additions fresh or dried in reducing inflammation.


Dr. Thaddeus Gala is the Founder and Medical Director of both My Diabetic Solution and Complete Care in Southern Oregon. He trains other physicians on the leading research for chronic disease and endocrine disease reversal. He is on zero medications and is a marathon and ironman triathlete finisher.

4 thoughts on “Which supplements for diabetes should I be taking?

    1. Dr. Thaddeus Gala Post author

      Hi Mary,
      Great question. The best supplements I typically suggest for people wanting to reverse diabetes or work towards reducing inflammation would include:
      1. Fish Oil (2-5,000mg EPA/DHA)
      2. Vitamin D (5-10,000IU)
      3. Probiotic
      4. Antioxidant
      5. Chromium

      Taking these before a meal is usually the best. There are others, but this is a good place to start.

      If you would like to discuss ordering supplements from us I can have a team member reach out to you directly.

      Keep up the good work and keep us updated on your progress! How have things been going so far?

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